".... the paid mappers are coming ...." - @lxbarth, SotM-US 2015

The PAID MAPPERS are here.

We are experienced OpenStreetMap users that absolutely ♥ ♥ ♥ OpenStreetMap.

How Does It Work?

you hire us! we become your employees! we join your team and integrate with your existing practices.

Open Data is growing at an alarming rate and we shall put all that data in OpenStreetMap.

  • Searchers - we scour open data portals and sites for authorative data like buildings, public amenities, and addresses.
  • Communicators - we contact stakeholders and local mappers to help generate interest in the community mapping process
  • Workers - we use best practices and repeatable processes to import quality data properly and quickly
  • Go-the-extra-milers - we fill in the gaps in current data, and look for ways to improve its usability

Annual Report

July 2015 - July 2016

Paid Mappers started last year on a simple premise, if you demonstrate your passion for something, and do great work, someone's bound to pay you to do it for a living. The map to the right shows the regional concentration of edits for the last year, and while our team was not paid to do any of these edits, we remain confident our guiding premise will lead us to great things in the future.

Edits in BLUE indicate a new feature added to OpenStreetMap. Edits in ORANGE indicate an edit to an existing OpenStreetMap feature.

  • 350,317 features || 345,450 || 7,091

  • New Highway Edits
  • 1,098 miles of service roads, 787 miles of parking aisles, 414 miles of main roads, and 256 miles of new named roads.
  • New Building Edits
  • 217,523 houses, 30,003 = yes, 19,575 garages, and 15,923 apartments.
  • Other New Features
  • 235,999 addresses, 6,897 named features, 6,064 amenities, and 4,690 parking lots.

Meet our team

We are ready to come work for you!

At Paid Mappers, we ♥ mapping high-def features like public amenities, parks, and hundreds of other things that would take you hours to find on a city or state website. We're also big fans of data and design, and when we have the opportunity, we tell a well crafted story using stunning visuals and open data. We want to make difference - we like challenging tasks that help us learn, grow, produce great things we can share.

Did we mention we absolutely ♥ ♥ ♥ OpenStreetMap? Because we do!

So, what on planetOSM are you waiting for?

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